PM Training Gloves Adult XL Size (Special Order)

PM Training Gloves Adult XL Size (Special Order)


PM Training Gloves are performance-enhancing training gloves innovatively designed to improve fingertip control and arm speed while strengthening the arm and shoulder muscles.  Simply select your ideal weight by adding or removing bars in the forearm gauntlet (.5lbs to 3.5 lbs). Slide the gloves over your hand and forearm, adjust the forearm straps, and wear them during your normal workout routine (10 – 15 minutes per day).  After you remove the gloves post workout, you will notice immediate results.

  • Snug Fit Sleeves – Custom Designed for an integral fit
    • Sleeve and glove feel integral to the arm and hand
    • Custom backing inside of forearm prevents weight movement
    • Gloves allow full hand and wrist mobility
  • Glove Material – Increase difficulty of workout through finger desensitization
    • Improve grip strength
    • Improve fingertip control
  • Removable Forearm Weights – Increase arm and shoulder strength & speed
    • Removable weight pockets
    • Weight bars available from 1– 3.5 lbs

Youth/Adult Small : < 6-3/4″
Adult Regular : 6-3/4″ – 8-1/4″
Adult Tall : > 8-1/4″


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