Football Receivers - Benefits

  • Improve Receptions, reduce drops
    • Fingertip Control – Practicing your routes with the PlayMaker Training Slick Gloves will improve the dexterity in your hands and fingers. The gloves are made of a high- grade slippery material that impedes the ability of mechanoreceptors in your fingers from communicating these touch signals to the brain. Now you must focus on the proper technique and mechanics necessary to catch the ball.  After removing the gloves you will catch every pass with ease!


  • Enhance Hand and Eye Coordination
    • Ultimate Focus – Practicing your routes with the PlayMaker Training Slick Gloves will disable your sense of touch, thus impeding the 17,000 nerve endings and receptors in your fingers that communicate to your brain. You now have to use proper technique and see each pass into your fingertips.  After removing the gloves, you will see dramatic improvement in catching the same passes!


  • Reaction Timing
    • Arm Speed & Shoulder Strength – Practicing your routes with the PlayMaker Training Gloves will add weight (adjustable from .5 lbs to 4.5 lbs) in the forearm, adding resistance to your normal technique. Added weight will increase arm speed and shoulder strength.  After removing the gloves, your arms will move faster than your brain can process.


  • Improve Game Time Performance
    • Confidence – If you practice with the PlayMaker Training Slick Gloves you will see immediate results and catching passes will become second nature. You will now be the PlayMaker when the game is on the line!


  • Boost Overall Team Morale
    • Increased Receptions – Improving a team’s overall reception percentage will alleviate some of the stress off of the offense, resulting in improved team morale.
PlayMaker Gloves are Patent Pending.