PlayMaker Training™ Gloves are performance-enhancing training gloves innovatively designed to improve your skills and confidence, allowing you to execute in clutch situations.  The slick gloves make it hard to grip objects resulting in superhuman fingertip control and hand dexterity; while the removable weights in the forearms improve arm speed and shoulder strength.  The gloves provide full mobility in the wrist and elbow and require no mid-workout adjustments – simply wear them during your normal workout routine.  After removing the gloves post workout, you will see immediate results!

PlayMaker Gloves are Patent Pending.

How does it work?

Select your ideal weight by adding or removing bars (each bar is .5 lbs) in the forearm gauntlet (.5lb to 3.5 lbs per glove)

Slide the gloves over your hand and forearm

Adjust the elastic straps in the wrist and forearms

Wear the gloves during your normal workout routine  (10 – 15 minutes per day)


Contact us if you have any question regarding our PlayMaker Training. We are here to help you.